Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thong Diary: Committed Relationship

After nine months of planning, I called off my wedding 5 weeks before the big day. The dress had been bought and tailored, the menus planned, flowers ordered, church and hotels reserved, invitations ready to go. So, after letters to guests, returned wedding gifts and lots of tears, we undid all the planning. I had to return to my hometown to pick up my wedding dress. My three best friends rallied together and came home as well and we turned it into the best girls' weekends ever. The Saturday morning I was to pick up my dress, the girls came to my parents' house and, along with my mom, made Bloody Marys before heading out to the dress shop. Post-dress pickup, we went to lunch and then, of course, went shopping. Our first stop? The lingerie department! The three of them literally made a beeline to a table full of Hanky Panky lingerie and, before I knew it, I was the owner of 3 pair of HP thongs. The day marked the beginning of a beautiful, committed relationship that I KNOW will last a lifetime!

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