Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thong Diary: One Size

I really enjoy shopping for myself however one item I detest shopping for is under garments. Yes, I think they are beautiful when I pass by the local shop windows but it never fails to bore me when I start trying them on. After choosing to stop by a little shop here in Boise & looking at the lovely wares (I was already starting to lose interest) when the sales girl told me that Hanky Panky thongs were her favorite panties. She walks me over to the silk lined drawer where the Hanky Panky thongs are kept & proceeds to tell me that we wear the same size. Right I think as I stare at this woman. She begins to tell me she & all of her customers do too. I hold the neatly wrapped package of panties & think well why not? Here begins my love of Hanky Panky; they truly were the most comfortable undies in my drawer & my sweetie found them sexy too! I am slowly building my collection & enjoying the time I spend doing so.
- Nicole

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