Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thong Diary: Hanky Panky in the Boardroom

Dear Hanky Panky,
After I sent this story to my girlfriends, they were laughing so hard and were so entertained they insisted I send the story to you. For whatever entertainment it may provide! (PS: Hanky Panky is the only kind of underwear I will wear)
Today among the many things I did, I gave a training to one of my new clients, on managing their account. A training usually involves a web meeting where I share my screen with the attendees and they can then see how to go through the account as I walk them through.
At the very END of the training I looked at my browser and realize that the entire time the Google toolbar had something in it. Something I’d searched for many hours prior and forgotten about: HANKY PANKY THONGS!
I can only hope they didn’t see, or that if they did, they think, well damn, at least she’s got good taste in panties.

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