Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thong Diary: Man's Best Friend

Dear Gale and Lida,

Until this past weekend I had never heard of Hanky Panky. However that all changed after my dog Rudy (a 120 pound Rottweiler/German Shepherd) ate the crotch out of a pair of your panties. My lady friend was visiting for the weekend and after a night of dancing had stuffed her thong into a gym bag which she had left in the bathroom. The next morning I found them on the floor with the crotch chewed out and much to my chagrin learned that this was not an ordinary pair of thongs. Fortunately for him and for me my lady friend has a good sense of humor and is very understanding. Consequently she gave me an education on thongs and on Hanky Panky in particular. She went on and on about the comfort and quality of your panties.
From a man’s perspective I find your thongs to be very erotic, sexy and classy but maybe what’s even more important, they achieve this without being tacky.
From now on rather than sending my lady friend flowers, she’ll be getting a pair of Hanky Panky thongs. Thank you for making such a fine product.
Oh, and if you need a slogan, may I suggest “Hanky Panky, comfortable for women but loved by man and man’s best friend” or “Hanky Panky, your man and his dog will love them”. You get the idea, it’s just a thought.

Thanks again.
Sincerely and on behalf of Rudy,


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